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Marine Piling, Quay Walls (Sheet Piles & Pre-Cast Block), Rock Armouring, Floating Pontoons, Jetties, Dredging & Reclamation, Beach Protection Walls



APCC specializes in precision construction through its Enabling Works services, offering comprehensive packages for construction projects. Our expertise includes:

  • Jetty Construction: Tailored solutions to meet diverse functional and environmental requirements. 

  • Rock-Fill Jetties: Designed for robustness and stability in challenging marine environments.

  • Marine Piling and Docks: Expertise in constructing durable marine infrastructure.

  • Sheet Pile Jetties: Flexible solutions for varying water depths and conditions.

  • Floating Jetties: Innovative designs to accommodate fluctuating water levels.

  • Pile Marine Jetties: Built with underwater piles, these jetties offer strong, durable support for secure docking areas in deep water.


APCC's extensive experience and reputable track record in jetty construction ensure that we deliver high-quality, durable, and functional solutions for all your marine infrastructure needs.

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APCC offers specialized marine piling services, ensuring robust and durable foundations for various marine structures.

Our expertise includes:

  • Bored Piles: Precision drilling techniques for stable foundations in marine environments.

  • Driven Piles and Caissons: Robust installation methods ensuring secure placement.

Our equipment, including drilling machines and cranes, is strategically positioned on barges and guided to precise locations by small boats. The installation process requires high expertise to ensure accurate positioning and reliable pile placement.

APCC's marine piling services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of offshore construction, delivering resilient and long-lasting foundations for harbors, marinas, breakwaters, and other marine structures.



APCC specializes as in expert breakwater construction services, essential for safeguarding coastlines and structures from high tides and erosion. While breakwater projects may vary and not always include piling or sheet piling, APCC offers these services as integral parts of our comprehensive coastal protection solutions. Our experience and expertise ensure the construction of durable and effective breakwaters tailored to meet coastal safety and stability needs.


QUAY WALLS (Sheet Piles & Pre-Cast Block)

APCC specializes in constructing quay walls, crucial structures for ship docking and shoreline protection.


  • Quay Walls: Designed to facilitate ship docking and safeguard shorelines, typically constructed using sheet piles or pre-cast blocks.


With extensive experience in marine construction, APCC ensures the delivery of reliable and durable wharfs and quay walls along seashores, canals, creeks, and river coasts. Our expertise in executing such projects spans various locations across the UAE, emphasizing quality and functionality in every endeavour.



APCC specializes in offshore construction, focusing on sheet pile walls and cofferdams. These structures, including single, double, or cellular sheet piles, play a critical role in managing water flow and establishing secure work zones in marine environments. Expert installation prevents water intrusion, ensuring safety and efficiency in construction projects.


APCC's proficiency in constructing these barriers is exemplified by projects like the double wall cofferdam for Dubai's Jewel of the Creek development. This highlights their commitment to delivering high-quality marine construction solutions.

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