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APCC considers Environmental, Health and Safety an integral part of business and aims to have a record of safety performance and standards far better than the industry average. APCC certified & registered with OSHAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 managing system. We will endeavor to ensure that we shall comply with all statutory obligations and contractual requirements of environmental, health and safety, which are among the prime responsibilities of the management. Top priority will be assigned to environmental health and safety, and we undertake that our employee's health and safety requirements will be taken into account in decisions concerning quality, and productivity.

APCC will set targets for safety performance so as to achieve progressive improvement (ZERO ACCIDENT) target will be set for all our future operations.

The company is committed to comply with this Environmental, health and safety policy and will allocate adequate resources for the implementation of this policy. The APCC owners are directly responsible for overall Environmental, health and safety to the Executive Committee.

We have established a Committee responsible for reviewing the status of policy; its organization, planning & implementation; and measurement of the performance of the company employees including sub-contractors. The committee will monitor the effectiveness of the safety management system to ensure progressive improvement. The Safety Committee will review the policy, the target and the safety management system at least annually.

The Site Safety Committee will collect and incorporate options and feedback on the policy from all levels of employees. Any review and improvements once finalized will be issued formally to all employees including sub-contractors through circulation, training or meetings. The policy and its revisions will be displayed in the Head Office and on the jobsite in order to promptly bring it to the attention of all employees. We will ensure that all levels of employees and workers are adequately trained to carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities, and that they understand the policy, its implementation and maintenance.

The ultimate success of Environmental, health and safety measures requires the total commitment of the management and the full cooperation of all the personnel of the APCC including all supervisors, workers and every supplier and sub-contractor. We must all understand and be aware of potential occupational hazards, be committed to promote and to follow safety procedures in order to ensure the health and safety of others and us.


It is the policy of APCC to:

•Identify its significant environmental aspects and put in place control mechanisms to mitigate their affects. Minimize the environmental impacts of its activities, prevent pollution and continually improve its environmental performance.

•Employ systems and procedures that ensure the Company’s compliance with all relevant legislation and other requirements relating to the environment.

•Promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials and resources, minimizing consumption, maximizing efficiency and effectively managing wastes.

•Provide training on environmental awareness and potential impacts from operations managed by the use of suitable control measures.

•Manage our supply chain to encourage suppliers to minimize the use of materials, energy or processes which may be harmful to the environment.

•Implement site specific Safety, Health and Environmental plans.

•Include environmental issues in an annual report which will review our performance and make recommendations for the future.

•Set objectives and targets to monitor environmental performance at the management review.

The participation and co-operation of all employees and sub-contractors is vital to the success of this policy.

This Environmental Policy Statement shall be communicated throughout the organization and will be publicly available to interested parties.

This policy statement shall be reviewed annually.


The purpose of writing Road Safety Policy is to set out long term plans of the higher management to improve Vehicles / Plants Safety.

APCC considers safety of its employees, assets and public as an integral part of our business andendeavors for continuous improvement by educating, training, engineering and enforcement.

APCC is committed to maintain safe drivers, vehicles and roads. All road incidents / accidents shallbe recorded and reviewed. A trend analysis shall be carried out to understand the behavioral trends which will help in improving road safety performance.

Speed: All drivers shall observe speed limits and shall drive slowly and carefully in adverse weather conditions like fog. etc.

Authority to drive/operate: All drivers must hold a valid license from the governing authority suitable for the type of vehicle I plant them to be operating. In case of driving in ADCO controlled areas all drivers must possesses valid ADSD (ADCO Document for Safe Driving) from ADCO authorized 3rd Party.

Seat Belts: All drivers and passengers shall wear seat belts.

Mobile Phones: Talking on mobile phones is strictly prohibited to Drivers I Operators while operating.

Hands free devices shall be used to receive calls in emergency only

Journey Management: To ensure safety of all trips a journey management system shall be implemented and monitored by work shop supervisors.

It is the responsibility of the Work Shop I Project Management team to ensure that all the vehicles I plants are maintained in good working conditions and shall understand their roles and responsibilities

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