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Bentonite Slurry / Polymer, Temporary Casing / Permanent Casing, Bored Cast-in-Situ, CFA Method


Piling involves creating bored or driven pile foundations to support heavy building loads and mitigate settlement issues. APCC specializes in various piling techniques, including bored cast-in-situ and CFA piles, suitable for high-rise buildings and areas with weak soils.

Our Piling services include:

  • Bored Cast-in-Situ Piles: Ideal for high-rise buildings and weak soils, created with rotary drilling rigs, reinforcement cages, and continuous concrete casting.

  • CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piles: Common for low-rise buildings, where concrete is cast during auger extraction and reinforcement is added afterward.

  • Bentonite Slurry / Polymer: Used to stabilize the soil during the piling process.

  • Temporary Casing / Permanent Casing: Employed to maintain the integrity of the pile shaft during construction.

Stabilizing fluids like bentonite or polymers may be used during piling to prevent soil collapse. Concrete is poured from bottom to top using Tremie pipes in underwater or drilling fluid conditions. Pile quality is ensured through rigorous tests for workability, durability, strength, load capacity, and integrity.

Since our inception, APCC has completed nearly 3000 projects, delivering various types and lengths of piles. Our expertise ensures reliable foundations and successful project outcomes.


Barrettes are piles with non-circular shapes, such as L-shaped, T-shaped, cross-shaped, square-shaped, and the most common rectangular shape. These are drilled using a diaphragm wall cutting machine. Barrettes have a high capacity to resist vertical and lateral loads due to their double-reinforced sections and larger surface area compared to circular piles. They have become increasingly popular and in demand in recent years.

APCC began delivering these types of piles in the past few years. Our successful design and construction of these foundations, combined with up-to-date technologies, have positioned APCC as a leading piling company in the region.

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