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Quay Walls, Rock Armouring, Rock Revetment, Floating Pontoons, Marine & Sheet Piling, Marine Structure, Dredging / Excavation



Jetties are narrow wings extending from the land towards the sea or the river to form a walkway that may end with a breakwater or a marina. Jetties may be made of rock filling or marine piling and docks. They may be used for harbors, marinas, laying pipeline or for entertainment such as connecting to a manmade island or for fishing. Sometimes they may be used for river regulation. A rock fill jetty may be used as breakwater as well.

Another possible way to construct jetties is by driving double wall sheet piles in the water and fill inside to form a narrow cofferdam that can be used as a jetty.

Floating jetties are another type of jetties that can be erected for low tide zones. Dubai floating bridge is an iconic project that APCC has achieved.APCC has executed many jetties and has a reputable record of this kind of works.


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Installing bored or driven piles or caissons off-shore requires special experience and highly trained personnel. Bored piles are usually installed in the sea by insertion of a permanent steel casing that deep below the seabed and then emptied by boring using drilling machines, then, filled with plain or reinforced concrete. Such piles are designed to resist high lateral forces that can generate from tides or ships during docking. The piles should be highly durable to stand for the corrosion and erosion effects of the sea water.

The drilling machines, cranes and other equipment are mounted on a pantone or a barge that is dragged to the required location by small boats. It may need driving temporary fixing steel caissons to keep the barge in position. The work needs high experience to tolerate the positioning of the installed piles.



Breakwaters are constructed on coasts as part to protect the coast or structures built near the shore from the high tidal destructive effects or erosion due to water tides. They are basically made from a rockfill base with a course to medium fill core and outer coarser crusts covered by rock or concrete blocks. They are usually constructed away from the coast to offer a low tidal zone near the shoreline.

Breakwaters may be single or double leaves. They may take different shapes but usually they are crescent shaped. Sometimes their bodies may reach 3m or more below water surface into the seabed. Some breakwaters may be designed submerged with their crowns under the sea level.

Although the works may not involve piling or sheet piling APCC offer this service as one of its major types of works.



Wharfs are structures on shoreline where ships or yachts can dock to. They are usually made of piles installed in the water with a flat surface deck on them. Quay walls may be for docking of ships or protecting the shore from scouring and they may be erected from sheet piles or flat thick concrete blocks. These are traditional works in sea shores, canals, creeks and river coasts. APCC offers this service as part of its marine work capacities and has long experience in execution and construction of such works. APCC have done such works in many areas such as Bahrain, Sohar (Oman) and several different locations in UAE



APCC is one of the leading companies in UAE and middle east in installation and maintenance of off-shore sheet pile walls and cofferdams. Sheet piles may be driven in seawater or rivers to provide a cut-off that will prevent or minimize water flow into the area surrounded by that cofferdam. Cofferdams may be made of single sheet pile wall, double wall sheet piles or cellular sheet pile arrangements. The most common inside the sea is the cellular cofferdams when sea water needs to be held out of a specific area. In locations adjacent to the shore, and to allow for a dry area for construction double wall sheet piles are usually used while single sheet pile walls are practically useful in construction of bridge piers. These kinds of cut-off walls are large scale jobs and needs a lot of experience and technical capabilities. Double wall sheet piles or cellular cofferdams are filled with compacted filter sandy gravels which gives the walls their stability against overturning or sliding while their widths and depths of embedment are decided by stability and flow control requirements. The construction site of one of the mega projects in Dubai, the very well known, Jewel of the Creek development was protected by a double wall cofferdam erected by APCC.

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